Análise sobre a influência da personalidade e dos vieses comportamentais nos hábitos de investimento dos indivíduos

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Rochman, Ricardo Ratner
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Based on studies of behavioral finance, this work aims to verify if cognitive style of the individual and their behavioral biases influence on their investment habits, for example, their decision to invest in fixed or variable income. A survey was conducted with post-graduate students from five faculties of Sao Paulo city. The method was chosen because it best fits the purpose of this work. Four types of psychological profiles have been analyzed, which differ, among other characteristics, by having greater or lesser risk tolerance. It was also analyzed eighteen behavioral biases among them: overconfidence, representativeness, loss aversion and mental account. The results show evidence that personality may influence the decision of the individual to invest in fixed or variable income. It was also found that confirmation bias and optimism bias indicate a possible influence on the decision of individuals to invest in variable income.

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