Diversidade nas organizações: uma análise crítica sobre a teoria e a prática

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Tonelli, Maria José
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Diversity in organizations is a widely studied topic since the late 80's in the US and since the 2000s in Brazil. Most of these studies focus on managing Diversity, that is, on an instrumental perspective for organizations to maximize their results or to gain competitive advantage. Conversely, there are argumentative studies that seek to understand the actual impact or viability of Diversity initiatives in organizations. In this sense, we consider that it is valid to question what organizational discourse and practices related to Diversity represent with respect to their impact on the individual and, consequently, on society. In the present paper, through a Critical lens and using the concepts of one-dimensionality and repressive desublimation by Marcuse, we seek to understand the relationship between what organizations explicitly or implicitly pursue and determine as their goals in the Diversityrelated initiatives, and what individuals and minorities have to offer to or expect from such initiatives. We analyzed the theory that supports the concepts adopted by organizations in their initiatives on Diversity, as well as investigated the discourse and practices applied by some organizations. We found that: (i) while on the one hand it is undeniable that these organizational initiatives play a positive role, insofar as they might reduce social injustice and inequality, (ii) on the other hand, from a Critical perspective, these initiatives have a rhetorical character and do little or nothing to promote behavior that favors the diversity of ideas, for example. On the contrary, Diversity-related organizational practices or initiatives eventually represent the denial of diversity itself, narrowing the possibility of refusal and reinforcing one-dimensionality.

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