Audiência de conciliação nos juizados especiais cíveis cariocas: obstáculo ou solução?

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Fragale Filho, Roberto
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Conciliatory practices at Small Claims Courts, which were supposed to be an effective measure to solve conflicts of interest, quickly reducing caseload as well as State expenses, have become in most cases a big disappointment. As in 80% of cases tried in the Carioca Small Claims Courts conciliation is not achieved in the corresponding hearing, this required procedure becomes nothing than an obstacle to be overcome for the resolution of cases. Thus this study proposes to exam the possibility of merging conciliation hearings (audiência de conciliação) and the subsequent trial (audiência de instrução e julgamento) in one sole act: a single trial which includes a preliminary conciliatory effort as a way to reduce procedure time and enforce the constitutional principle of reasonable duration of proceedings.

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