Fomento empresarial aos conselhos municipais dos direitos da criança e do adolescente

Farah, Marta Ferreira Santos
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This study is carrying out an exploratory survey of actions in enterprises, institutes and foundations from enterprises jointly with the Child and Adolescent Rights Councils. It analyses also the articulation among market agents, non-governmental agencies and public authorities in actions related to these instancies through tax incentive contributions for the Childhood and Adolescent Funds, as well as encouragements from the enterprising sphere. It was select as a case study the Minas de Bons Conselhos project impelled by Celular Telemig Institute from 2001 to 2005, which contributed to institutionalization of Child and Adolescent Rights Municipal Councils, and Tutorial Councils in Minas Gerais State, rising the Pró-Conselho Brasil program of national range. The study exhibits a way of articulation among governmental, non-governmental agencies and of enterprises in the council sphere, on a non-restricted appropriation of public space by private economic interests.

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