A partir da mulher no trabalho : um estudo de caso sobre a ascenção funcional

Badino, Susana Esther
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The analysis of the female condition is polemic, overall when the track to be followed leads us into the essence of the Organization, still a virgin byway in presente-day literature. What we have tried to do in general terms is to inquire to what extent organizations neglect, or even reinforce within the bowels of their operational organism, the woman's inferior position both at the social and family level - be it through cultural organization with traditional patri~rchal values or by means of norms, procedures and other mE: . 'Ids of functional conduct controlo The focus of the study was a department of the Federal Government of Brazil (AF), which has specific properties to insure, on one hand, the hiring and maintenance of women as part of personnel policy and, on the other hand, reproduction of the most generalized oppressive conditions of a traditional society such as the Brazilian one. Our specific target was to find out how employees in general, and AF employees especially, fit into the processes of employee promotion, hereinafter called'the road to success'j whether there are substancial differences in the way of perceiving work itself and its influence in others are as of life, such as family, leisure, culture, health and consumptionj or in the way of perceiving 'success' and the prerequisities and opportunities of attaining such. What we were attemtpting to profile, then, were the possible hindrances to a woman's career in the organization. It is believed that, regardless of the superstructural and micro-institutional conditionants which raise obstacles in a women's rise on the job, her posture in relation to her work and 'success' will a p~io~i, find an echo in other factors arising principally from her position in the pecking order.

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