A abertura comercial brasileira e o impacto no processo gerencial das micro e pequenas empresas do setor de confecção do Espírito Santo

Vieira, Paulo Reis
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This study sims at identifying the degree at which the opening of the Brazilian economy to the intemational market has afIected the micro and small companies of the clothing industry sector so far as their administrative procedures are concemed. The methodology included the review of the bibliography on the subject; analysis and interpretation of data published by SEBRAE-ES, IBGE and Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (UFES); and field study with entrepreneurs. The main conclusions are: A. The globalization process has affected the Brasilian economy as a whole and that ofthe state ofEspírito Santo, in particular; B. So far as the clothing industry sector is concemed, the globalization impact has not been so strong; and C. The micro and small companies of the clothing industry sector weareness is chief1y due to inconpetent procedures and practices.

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