Processos de adaptação e vivências profissionais interculturais no futebol globalizado: profissionais brasileiros da bola

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Freitas, Maria Ester de
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This work is focused on intercultural experiences of the actors of the football world. They have been increasingly exposed to different cultures as the ascension on their careers demand it. The object of Organizational Intercultural Studies emphasizes the interactions between people of different cultures, and this is the problem proposed in this discussion, which entails debates, calls for interdisciplinary discussions and evokes a theme that instigates new perspectives about cross-cultural issues. Although the field addresses mostly adaptation and experience of expatriate executives, this study intends to investigate the experience and adaptation of players and football coaches working in different cultural contexts. The theoretical framework is comprehensive, promoting an interdisciplinary conversation, particularly grounded in Administration and Sociology, as well as literature about football, which is the empirical object of the thesis. Methodologically the research adopted a qualitative and interpretative approach. Data collection was done through interviews with recognized professionals who have exercised, or are still exercising, their activities abroad. This study notably, and in a practical way, identifies cultural adaptation issues that may interfere on professional success of person who goes to foreign territories. Moreover, it might influence their personal life, hindering success, by various factors including: the language itself, the difficulty of understanding figures of speech and peculiar expressions that every language has, labor mechanics of each culture, the contrast in lifestyle, cultural codes, body language, lifestyle habits, strangeness to another universe, and eating habits. It is intended that this study will contribute to enlarge the theoretical framework of intercultural management studies, through the experiences and proposals to better adapt and experience of players and foreign soccer coaches

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