Marketplace on-line para um cluster comercial: desafios para implantação no Brás

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Morgado, Maurício Gerbaudo
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Street commercial clusters, also called commercial poles, have been affected by the internet and digital media changes, affecting the relationship between the retail and the consumers. The high amount of complementary and competitive stores in a geographic location was the basis for the commercial clusters formation, but these fundamentals are challenged in the new digital reality, where geographic shifts are decreasingly necessary. To adapt to this reality, this study defines an online marketplace as the official electronic address of the commercial cluster, consequence of the own dealer’s union, and selects Brás’ commercial center as the study environment. The objectives of this study are: (1) testing dealers’ consent to the concept; (2) identify barriers to concept implementation; (3) raise the necessary characteristics for the concept success and (4) present suggestions for the business model. To achieve the objectives, the study was based on: (A) theoretical review on the subject relevant academic aspects, (B) Brás documentation and research analysis, (C) interviews with ten dealers that are over 20 years in the cluster, and (D) direct and participative observation of the researcher. At the end of the study, it was verified that the cluster dealers accept the idea, but with exceptions related to the information technology needed, and to operational and commercial questions. Low field maturity was noted in terms of preparation for the e-commerce operation as well as a disbelief over the results that could be obtained in short term, however, merchants in general have adaptable structures for the necessary functions in a marketplace operation. It was observed that the relationship between dealers has low trust and commitment levels, but there is a willingness to change, which depends on a leadership consolidation that works towards this goal. Finally, the study makes suggestions for the business model implementation in the operation and suggests a traditional marketplace model based on sales commission, however complemented with a monthly fee to be subsidized by the dealers participating in the project.

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