Planejamento financeiro: levantamento de casos na indústria cinematográfica

Kasznar, Istvan Karoly
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This exploratory research aimed to investigate the main mechanisms used in the planning process by the film industry. At this extent, it was realized a multiple case study with four film producers companies, of which three of them are located in Rio de Janeiro, and one in São Paulo. The data was collected through interviews with professionals from those four companies. The cases were analyzed in light of planning and control theories facing both environmental uncertainty and cultural industries. The results indicate that the budgetary process and control of a film are made in a rigorous way. All the four companies use continuous budgets during the production. The main uncertainty perceived by all four cases was revenue projection and for that two companies indicated the use of scenario analyses. Furthermore, two film companies elaborate a portfolio of projects in order to reduce production risks among the projects. Finally, only one case brought a new element in comparison to the other cases: including a partner with equity share of the production. This business model results in lower budgets if compared to the other cases.

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