O tempo como dimensão de pesquisa sobre uma política de diversidade e relações de trabalho

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This study aims at grasping the process of absorption of the handicapped by companies from multiple perspectives (internal and external publics), and how these perceptions have changed over the years. Thus, we conducted a survey on an airline which has allocated these people in positions of direct contact with the public. The moment, we noted that the company met the expectations of its customers and employees. The non-disabled employees saw on their diversity policy possibility of benefits for the organization (improving its public image) and for themselves (transfer of work to handicapped). The lasted accepted this situation because it enabled their integration into the group. In 2011, we returned to the field and interviewed representatives of these categories (passengers, employees - handicapped and non - and HR managers and marketing) in order to assess the impact of the dimension Time. The interviews were transcribed and subjected to discourse analysis, which funded out us the following theoretical frameworks: ethics, subjective time as a variable and management of workforce diversity in organizations. The field revealed the naturalization of the presence of the handicapped, some their passengers differentiate the company for its how the employees perceived as something relevant. The company, on a turn, insists on seeking social visibility through media and the spectacle of disability. Complained that they here not given the chance of a career since they encounter the same glass ceiling denounced by other minorities.

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