Justiça penal negociada: o processo penal pelas partes

Amaral, Thiago Bottino do
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This paper seeks to analyse the applicability of criminal justice negotiation in the Brazilian legal system from the role played by the parties in criminal proceedings. Therefore, in relation to the Prosecutor activity, will be studied the functions carried out by its members, as well as the main institutional features, in order to interpret the nature of the criminal action, especially the dilemma between the obligation or discretion in the performance of his duties. Moreover, in regard with the accused, will be examined the possibility of legal restrictions on his fundamental rights and the waiver of the performance of his individual procedural guarantees. Finally, from the evolution of the current panorama of the criminal agreements existing in the Brazilian legislation, it is expected to be verified if there is a trend of strengthening the role of the parties and defocusing of the figure of the judge as the regulator of the criminal procedures, with the Prosecutor negotiating directly with the accused the effects of his criminals conducts.

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