Programa compartilhar/cheque cidadão: o difícil equacionamento entre carências e direitos

Teixeira, Sônia Maria Fleury
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The present study aimed at verifying if the basic income program set in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the Citizen Check Program, is a social program based on the citizenship rights point of view ar, as it has been widely accused, it is an assistencialist and clientelist policy. Thus, we have elaborated a qualitative research which has tried to catch the valuable statements from the beneficiaries of the program as well as the representatives of religious institutions of different beliefs. We started from the point that poverty is a situation opposed to the Rights as a concept and as a category. From this point of view, we considered that the concept of social exclusion, which is the main reason for the adoption of this kind of program in Brazil, nowadays is directly opposed to the conception of universality and, with it, the conception of Social Rights and citizenship. The outcomes support a view of the program through which the logic of benevolence blinds the perception of the Rights and the beneficiaries see themselves as destitute people in need, not as citizens.

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