Resiliência organizacional: proposição de modelo integrado e agenda de pesquisa

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This theoretical essay seeks to clarify and synthesize conceptual issues related to resilience in the labor market, as well as to propose an integrated analysis model taking into consideration workers and organizations. An historical review of the concept of resilience was conducted, observing its particularities in the field of Administration and including different levels of analysis. After conceptualizing Organizational Resilience, the study discussed the elements of resilience at the individual and systemic levels, as well as aspects of the context permeating the relationships at the micro and macro levels of analysis, proposing an integrated model of Organizational Resilience analysis. A research agenda is then proposed, embracing methodological aspects and conceptual and thematic connections, in order to contribute to the debate on resilience encompassing highly complex processes that involve different levels of analysis, and are subject to principles not always clear and precise, both for the individual and for the organization.

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