A atitude como linha de ação do endomarketing: um estudo de caso sobre as possibilidades de aprendizagem para o hospital geral de Santo Antônio do Porto em Portugal

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Campos, Celso José de
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The main objective of this study is to verify in what extension the Endomarketing, through its attitude line of action, can contribute to the expansion of a service orientated to the patient, by the employees of Central Hospital of Santo Antonio. To answer to this question we analyze the Endomarketing theory, under the point of view of its creator (Saul Faingaus Bekin) and another authors, making its temporal context and reflecting about its importance to the portuguese public health sector. The data were obtained through bibliographical and documental analyses and through the application of a questionnaire to some employees ofthe analyzed institution. The results of the research demonstrate that, in the institution, already exists a conscience around the importance of a service orientated to the patient, but that conscience need to be more effective and it just can be really implanted with the application of the Endomarketing. Although, to the majority of the inquired people, to compromise, to involve, to increase value and to qualify, help to expand a service orientated to the patient, those factors don't seem to be the most important ones for them, which lead us to believe that maybe this occurs because those factors are not taken enough under consideration along the professional daily, reason why the Endomarketing becomes important. Besides that, we detected strong lapses in the internaI communication of the institution, which also makes important the application of an Endomarketing strategy.

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