Segurança e gestão de riscos na atividade pericial

Zanini, Marco Túlio Fundão
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Risks are part of life for people engaged in all kinds of professions and activities. In the case of the Police personnel, these risks are magnified due to the situations which they are exposed during their duties. For the Forensic Specialists of the Brazilian Federal Police, there are not only the risks of law enforcement itself, but also the ones related to their own expertise. This thesis aims to identify the main safety risks in the work environment of the Forensic Specialists in the Brazilian Federal Police. This research, under its methodological point of view is classified as having an applied nature; its approach to the problem is classified as qualitative and regarding its goals it is classified as a descriptive research. The technical procedures of this research have been classified as bibliographic, survey research and case study with application in the Federal Forensic Expertise. This research collected its data with online data gathering tools, which have been made available to forensic experts of all areas and units of the Brazilian territory. Data analysis has demonstrated that besides all sorts of risks that are related to the forensic activity there are others with the potential to become accidents, especially the ones related with police duties like approaches, missions and operations. Risks have been mapped by forensic area using as reference the NR-5, which regards risk maps. With the research it has been proved the discussion about the risks to which the forensic professionals are exposed and with that it has been created a necessity of treating them. With the participation of forensic specialists of all areas of the Brazilian territory, it was possible to acquire a qualitative perspective that allowed to identify the main risks by groups (physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and accidents). It was possible to conclude that if is needed, as an urgency, to explore and discuss about the risks, as well to create minimal procedures to be adopted so that they do not become concrete. The needed vision to trat these risks cannot be restricted to the forensic area, mas need to be extended to all the Brazilian Federal Police, and needs to be inserted into philosophy, practices and procedures to allow the creation of a true culture of strategic management of risks.

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