Gestão de utilidades na indústria: uma abordagem sistêmica

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Cattini Júnior, Orlando
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This work deals with the necessity of operational cost reduction for the industries, regarding the efficient use and application for utilities, specifically talking about electric energy, water, oil or combustible gas and finally, solid and liquid waste disposal. The purpose is to, through a set of methodologies and research guidebooks, generate a management program for the efficient use of utilities in the industry. The problem approach follows the Managing from Clarity methodology, useful for supplying specific steps for analysis. The theoretical foundation uses system dynamics theory, basic in the analysis of the variables involved in the consuming processes for the utilities and its relations, its feedback and reinforcing loops, its stocks and dynamic flows. The work was based on a case study applied in an automobile industry, where data was collected and the approach suggestions were tested. Firstly this study presents a bibliographical revision about the Managing from Clarity methodology and also about some system dynamics methodologies and its tools. After this revision, a field survey was made using non-structuctured questions, document analysis and field interviews. The data collected was used for causal and stocks and flows diagrams construction, from which action opportunities for efficient use of the utilities have been observed. Once the integrated diagram was constructed, the necessary actions were deducted and they based the utilities management plan, which was submitted to an executive and managing group, responsible for this issues in the plant. Some actions were considered impractica ble and the one considered satisfactory were presented at the end of the study as a conclusion, used as a base for the methodology approval for the obtaining of an Industry utilities management plan.

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