O impacto das diferenças culturais na rotina de trabalho de uma tripulação marítima composto por brasileiros e estrangeiros

Irigaray, Hélio Arthur
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Working on board the same ship may present a challenge to the foreign and Brazilian crew members of the company Alfa Navegações, due to the differences in values and beliefs of these cultures manifested in everyday li f e this maritime crew. The main objective o f this dissettation is to show impacts in the socialization of interaction among the mixed crew onboard. This research investigated the construction of an intercultural everyday life from coexistence among Brazilians and foreigners in the Brazilian branch of the company Alfa Navegações. The theoretical background was built through the fundamentais o f organizational culture, intercultural relations and Brazilian culture for understanding and analysis of everyday life, as well as the field research of Cultural Studies, especially intercultural management. The research methodology applied in this work was the case study with a qualitative emphasis. The semi-structured interview was used as the main instrument for data collection. lt was concluded that cultural differences impact the work routine of a maritime crew of Brazilians and foreigners. With this, it was noted the need to learn to deal with other cultures, in view o f the new international scenario due to the increased movement o f people and ideas from different cultural sources, and that in social relationships the intercultural issue has become crucial. This occurs not only with those who accept the challenge to live or work abroad, but also with those who receive these professionals and live with them in everyday life.

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