A formação do campo da saúde suplementar no Brasil

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Vieira, Marcelo Milano Falcão
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The aim of the present study is to analyze the evolution of the historical and institutional elements that generate the current design of the private health market in Brazil. Its main theoretical basis is the Theory of the Symbolic Power, by Pierre Bourdieu, complemented, in the non-conflictive aspects of these two visions, by the Anthony Giddens¿ institutional vision on the field genesis motivational factors. The research¿ data were collected through documents and semi structured interviews during 2002 e 2003 period, involving the qualitative analyze due to understand the field¿s phenomena under an actors¿ perspective. The research identifies the several players that integrate the market, their evident strategic goals, and those that are not so, besides of the powers¿ resources used to reach them, by DiMaggio and Powell¿ vision. Thus, it tries to show, through a historic linear description, and emphasis in the determinant facts, the evolution of the market¿s constitution. The study demonstrates that the field had formed from several Estate¿ actions, basically after the past seventy¿ decade, as result of a alternative Government¿ strategy towards a Brazilian population¿s dissemination plan of health¿ services that enforced the institutionalization of isomorphic structures, with a strong internal interaction and a hierarchy between kinds of values, that had emphasized the health¿ symbol as a citizenship¿s value. In the end, the study estimates that the crescent longevity¿ Brazilian¿s population and the consequent work¿s dismiss may cause a private health¿ elitism conforming a future problem in this sensible segment of the social politics of the Brazilian government.

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