Das 'belezas que emanam dos jardins suspensos de Ipanema e Copacabana': políticas governamentais, demandas por memória e produção do espaço no Museu de Favela do Pavão-Pavãozinho e Cantagalo.

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Heymann, Luciana Quillet
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The central focus of this thesis is the analysis of the systematization and memory usage in the favela Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo, located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the institutionalization of these memories in the Museu da Favela (MUF). In this research, we try to investigate how the government policies around the category 'sociomuseology' that enable the realization of projects mobilizing demands for visibility and recognition are structured. Such demands are taken over by people who make up the marginalized segments of society and their main objects are the publicization of memories in the slums. I problematize the strategies used by the agents to perform actions that have the memory as 'legacy' of urban intervention projects and analyze their ways to produce new meanings and practices to the space of the favela.

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