A burocracia togada: estudo exploratório sobre a prestação jurisdicional trabalhista no estado do Espirito Santo

Thiry-Cherques, Hermano Roberto
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Exploratory study to identify the factors that have sped or limited the jurisdictional activity in the State of Espírito Santo, and what kind of quick actions could be adopted. It analyses the factors listed by thirty people interviewed who were directly related to the Labor Justice, using the systemic approach and its characteristics of 'togaed bureaucracy'. The orientation of the proposal of change is in the means of considering the Labor Justice as an organization subject to efficiency, efficacy and productivity criteria, thus improving its performance basically in what concerns speed and valorization of the human being (internally, its human resources; and externally, its users). It concludes for the necessity of innovations to lead to different solutions instead of the conventional ones, such as the increase in the number of judges and Labor Courts. The improvement of information systems and the evaluation of the results, in addition to changes in the labor law, especially the legal proceedings, are some of the actions that can lead to overcome the restrictive factors, which will result in collective benefit.

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