O processo de modernização dos Tribunais de Contas no contexto da reforma do estado no Brasil

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Loureiro, Maria Rita Garcia
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The Courts of Accounts, even so are traditional agencies in the public administration with on remote roots to the creation of the Modern State, pass today for intense modifications in its operational structure and forms of performance. The present work has the aim to analyze the process of modernization of the Brazilian Courts of Accounts in the context of the reform of the Brazilian State. The first part of this study presents a x-ray of the current situation of Courts of Accounts, pointing out the main singular characteristics of these agencies in relation to its operational capacity and to the performance of its constitutional functions. The second part presents a overview of the main initiatives of organizacional improvements that can be more recently verified in the structures of the Court Accounts, giving prominence for some inovations as the ommbusdman, the eletronic control systems and schools of accounts.

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