Os extremos do ciclo de vida: trabalho infantil e aposentadoria precoce

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This research analyzes two serious problems in the Brazilian society: the early entrance into the labor force, the child work, and the early retirement from de the labor force of still productive workers Both are impoverishing for society as they work as a mechanisms to generate and perpetuate poverty and income inequality. The premature entrance in the labor force, discussed in the first part of the work, jeopardize education. The premature retirement of productive people, discussed in the second part, is a waste of resources. In the third part we do a formal analysis to show how the Brazilian social security system, that guarantees a life time income to people after a certain number of working years, may may induce choices, nevertheless optimal from the individual perspective, very costly for society. Specifically, we show that this legislation gives an incentive to early entrance and early retirement from the labor force.

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