Desigualdades na rede de creches conveniadas da prefeitura de São Paulo: um olhar a partir da teoria de implementação de políticas públicas

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Farah, Marta Ferreira Santos
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The purpose of this thesis was to identify and analyze the factors that drive the implementation of the preschool education policies at the day-care centers affiliated to the São Paulo City Hall. From the initial finding that the service quality provided by these centers vary dramatically, the research addressed common and differentiating characteristics between two sets of day-care centers, respectively regarded as providing “good” and “poor” service quality. The main goal was to identify the root causes that create the service quality gap and the implication of these factors to the implementation of the day-care policies. 25 day-care centers were included in the research, covering 3 regional offices of the Secretary of Education (Butantã, Campo Limpo and Guianases). The resources of the providers and the way these providers support the center are key determinants of its service quality, with the role played by the center staff and the location of the center as additional factors. Moreover, the research addressed the role played by the City Hall, through the regional offices of the Secretary of Education. The key finding was that the government contributes to perpetuating the service quality gap by not broadly addressing its root causes. The conditions that determine the service quality are made real through the physical space and the educational materials available, some key staff characteristics (number of employees, access to continuous learning and compensation level), and the variety of activities offered to the children. From these findings comes the suggestion for a deeper debate around the current inequality within the network of affiliated day-care centers. A debate that should take into account the differences between affiliated and directly managed centers, the capability development offered by the government to the staff of the affiliated centers, and other resources to support centers that lack the conditions to provide good service quality.

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