Knowledge strategy planning and business process performance: the key role of information system capabilities strategies in decision-making affordance

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Yoshikuni, Adilson Carlos
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The technology evolution has been exposing unprecedented volumes of data, rapidly and disruptively changing the level of market competition and making the decision-making processes increasingly complex. This phenomenon has attracted the interest of academics and professionals to investigate alternatives to integrate technological resources and capabilities to support the dynamic of business needs. This research examines the integration between knowledge strategy planning (KSP) to provide strategic business requirements for information systems capabilities (ISCs) management to firms to improve decision-making affordance (DMAF), reflecting positively on business process performance (BPP). The survey examined empirical data with a sample of 155 Brazilian companies using the partial least squares path modeling. The findings revealed that the alignment of business objectives and drivers of KSP provides ISCs resources needs for information system administrative capabilities (IS-AC), information system infrastructure capabilities (IS-IC), and information system human resource capabilities IS-HRC. These combined capabilities improve the process of business transactions data captured, codified strategic knowledge data through information systems tools, reflecting on the quality for analysis data and improving decision-making affordance reflecting positively on BPP. Empirical findings demonstrated that information systems (IS) leaders should implement and manage ISCs aligned with KSP. Besides, encouraging continuous learning by adapting emergent business requirements from daily operations, providing a reliable basis of data to improve business knowledge, and increase decision-making quality. Moreover, this study contributes to the extant literature of knowledge-based view (KBV) by understanding how KSP enables the requirements for ISCs definitions within firms to enhance decisionmaking quality.

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