Liderança, qualidade de troca social em equipes de trabalho e o comprometimento organizacional: um estudo com peacekeepers brasileiros no Haiti

Oliveira, Fátima Bayma de
Mourão, Luciana
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This work presents the results of five theoretical and empirical studies based on the theories of leader-member exchanges, on social exchanges between team members and on organizational commitment, occurred in 2012 and 2013. The empirical research investigated leadership, organizational commitment, and teamwork by means of voluntary participation of Brazilian Army personnel, among which are those who took part in the Peacemaking Mission for Stabilization of Haiti (MINUSTAH). Research data were collected from individual interviews, focal groups and online surveys. Results of qualitative studies indicate the relevance of quality in social exchanges between leaders and subordinates as well as of organizational commitment in the work carried out in MINUSTAH. Quantitative studies show the mediating role of the affective element of organizational components in the relation between quality of leader-member exchanges and the quality of social exchanges in teams. Comparative analyses have identified differences in the quality of social exchanges established between leaders and members, among the different hierarchical levels and between military personnel working for MINUSTAH or not. It has been observed that social exchanges of higher quality levels between leaders and subordinates and among team members are associated to higher levels of the affective component of organizational commitment. The current study is expected to contribute to research about leadership and social exchanges, besides supporting improvement of learning, training and scientific research programs that may favor the relationship between civilians and military personnel in the Brazilian context.

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