Estratégia, estrutura e competências: três empresas de serviços em saúde

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The article concerns the analysis of three health service plan companies based on a self management mode. Their strategies, organizational structures and managerial skills are reviewed, on the light of the concepts found in the literature. The structures, guidelines and clients' satisfaction are described through the analysis of documents and interviews with its main managers. These concepts were checked how they are understood and used concerning the relations among the operators and their service providers and beneficiaries. The literature points at the coherence, consistency and alignment among the concepts of strategy, structure and managerial skills as a way to increase the competitiveness and development of organizational competences. Some lacks can be found in the theoretical explanation of these relations. The performance indicators and strategic map do not appear as organized tools of analysis and evaluation of their strategies. These tools are partly used by the operators, in a non-systematic way. There was found theoretical limits in the explanation of the concepts when they are applied in the reviewed cases.

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