Número de dimensões e tipo de conteúdo na obtenção de conceitos

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Penna, Antônio Gomes
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This paper describes an experimental test of some theoretical theoretical propositions in the field of concept attrainment specialy those of Bruner, Goodnow & Austin (1956) and G1anze, Hunttelnocker & Clark (1963). The influence of two variables on the concept attraitment process were investigated; a) type of examples (abstract or thematic); b) number of concept dimension predetermined by the experimenter. The fol1owing assumptions have been tested: a) higher degree of difficulty in concept attainment with thematic examples; b) higer degree of difficulty in the attainment of bidimensional concepts. Those assumptions have not been confirmed. The experimental procedures and to find the adequate dependent variable for measuring the efficiency in concept attainment. Sugestions for future research are offered.

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