Análise do estado da arte das teorias da internacionalização: uma revisita às teorias aplicadas aos fatores relacionados ao modo de entrada e à localização de empresas que buscam a atuação em mercados estrangeiros

Parente, Ronaldo Couto
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Studies about the internationalization of companies advancing in all sectors in order to identify opportunities for growth and learning for businesses that have global characteristics. The aim of this work is the revisitation of internationalization theories to understand the importance of the aspects of location and input mode in motion the search for foreign markets in order to ensure the permanence in countries that have different characteristics of the locality of origin; also consists in verifying the need for mitigation of problems related to costs, input mode setting and the decision on the portfolio of products that will be part of the new business unit. The internationalization of companies is a process of entering new markets outside the region where emerged and involves studies that are not only related to commercial operation, but require more comprehensive analysis as the aspect of physical distance. A case study, supplementing that research shows the location factors and the choice of input mode considered for Klabin's internationalization in Argentina and its decision-making aspects based on the Brazilian company's strategy in the exploration opportunities around the world. Market features identified in the Argentina economic scenario were also considered for entry into the country. The research includes the theory of Uppsala, OLI, international entrepreneurship and authors such as Porter, Dunning, Rugman and Ghemawat supporting and confront decisions about the internationalization of Klabin. Interviews were conducted with key company executives responsible for the input mode setting in the country and the management in Argentina ending up, this research, with the presentation of the results of the existing theories for the implementation of the internationalization strategy.

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