Ouvindo as vozes na escola: análise de discurso de professores e alunos na escola de primeiro grau

Brazil, Circe Navarro Vital
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This work has been developed based on a research done in public schools of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. The procedure adopted was the speech analysis of teachers and students from the first grades of high school, as well as from technicians of schools, educational districts and from the secretariat of education. The exposed opinions registered, presented as the main theme the literacy, and were analysed based upon the models proposed by Pêcheux who articulates three regions of the scientific knowledge: the ideologic – cultural, the linguistic and the discursive, relating the speech to its conditions of production and situating the protagonists and the object of the speech. The theoretical foundation of the analysis came from the theories of Saussure, Benveniste, Baktin, and from the works of Vital Brazil and Orlandi. It continues with the discussion on the aspects of the psychoanalytical theories based on the work of Freud and Lacan. The alienation of the subject, as far as the language is concerned, is associated to work alienation what is considered by Marx and discussed in Mészáro’s work. The relations between the subject and the work are also thought from the points of view of Baudrillard and Gianotti. The conclusion proposes the establishment of new relations which could change the quotidian routine of a school life, freeing students and teachers from the subjectability to which they are submitted.

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