Microcrédito e empoderamento de mulheres: o caso do Banco Popular Crédito Solidário

Diniz, Eduardo Henrique
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Many studies indicates the importance of microfinance in reducing poverty and social inequality, including women's empowerment. In this context, this study aimed to analyze the empowerment of women of a microfinance institution – the Banco do Povo Crédito Solidário (BPCS) in Santo André (SP). It was classified as a qualitative, descriptive and type grounded theory and case study. They were conducted 10 visits to entrepreneurs and two focus groups with solidarity groups of the institution. We also interviewed managers and loan officers. Content analysis was performed using the theoretical framework of economic, social and individual empowerment. The main results show the increasing of economic empowerment in the context of entrepreneurship learning, knowledge in microfinance and its own business. For these reasons, we also realize the increased social interaction with the community. We also realize the emancipation of women, many of them have economic emancipation of their husbands and some of them are able to contribute financially to the household, thus improving the relationship with their partner. Finally, this study confirms the importance of microfinance, the positive effect on empowerment for poverty reduction and the promotion of gender equity. The main conclusion was observed to improve the level of education, empowerment, autonomy and self-understanding of their ability and that they are able to manage their own business and lives; thus, as a theoretical contribution was prepared the conceptual map of self-sustaining empowerment.

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