A produção de subjetividade no sistema capitalista: a prática do psicólogo

Penna, Antônio Gomes
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This study derives from a critical analysis is of the insertion of the psychologist in work organizations . By observing the performance of the psychologist as an agent of production of subjectivity in the capitalistic system, I made an attempt to get acquainted with the form of capitalistic production of subjectivity and .its disruptions in. the context of Brazilian production. This was done through theoretical investigation about capitalism, as well as field research conducted in a vanguard, combative type of union. The theme is then approached in four basic questions: - The power , analysed from the history of industrialization which, by following determined interests, produced useful and menial bodies, in order to meet the demand of accumulating capital and of exploitation of human work . The disqualification of the subject at work through segmentation and automation of the act which expropriates him/ her of his/ her knowledge . The lack of political awareness though production of submissivenep and fragility in front of a paternalistic type of authority, as well as through reduction of freedom and dignity, which is done by naturalization of the determinism and the unaltered social system. The question of use and abuse of the body, which produces a disposable kind of being, neglected by lack of concern with his/her health. In conclusion, I analyse the path taken by the psychologist in the organizations, trying to enchace both theoretical and pratical contradictions which define his/her field of work, in belief that this will contribute to a more critical approach of this area.

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