Estudo da gestão da cadeia de suprimentos: estudo de caso na rede de informações de crédito

Csillag, João Mário
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Nowadays, consumer market globalization has urged companies to broaden their sales of goods and services to consumers all around the world. Credit availability, bor for consumers and companies, is a key success factor for improving financial standards of countries and their people. Notwithstanding, the lack of consumer information data in the market increases sales uncertainties and risks. It may increase default and frauds, thus leading to increasing sales costs. This scenario has favored the development of information companies (Credit Bureau), which are specialized in gathering and assuring trustful information on consumers and companies, as well as, the analysis of such information tailored to their customers' needs. The aim of this paper is to access the connections make up an information network and how information market has developed and currently interacts in Brazil. This paper relates to supply and network chain management, once it accesses horizontal liaisons, retro-feeding and mutual data exchange among a variety of players. After a series of ompany, clients and suppliers, interviews for evaluating their information networks, this paper proposes a value diagram for credit information in the buying process. This research presents the main performance features of both information supply and productive chains, by analyzing a case study o a company's process of capturing, analyzing and distribution of information. The conclusion of this paper states the positive outcomes of an analysis of a company's information supply chain network for their commercial relationships strategy.

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