Política externa como política pública: uma análise pela regulamentação constitucional brasileira (1967-1988)

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The goal of this paper is to relate debates on foreign policy and public policy through a constitutional perspective. To free ourselves from the consensus that exists around the notion that foreign policy has always been considered 'foreign' to states and distinct from any and all domestic policy - and thus, from any and all public policy - we have sought to identify domestic, foreign and international policy as a continuum within the same decision-making processes. On the basis of these theoretical premisses, we have then presented an analysis of the distribution of Brazilian foreign policy capacities within the 1967 and 1988 Constitutions, in order to identify - within the context of Brazilian re-democratization possible changes in regulating foreign policy that could suggest a conception of polyarchic management bringing it closer to other forms of public policy. Lastly, we compare the mechanisms provided by the 1988 Constitutions for the control of foreign policy and public policy in general, in order to bring them closer and to verify the applicability of public policy mechanisms to the control of foreign policy. © 2007 Revista de Sociologia e Política.

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