Perícia e investigação criminal: uma proposta de melhoria do modelo organizacional visando a otimização de resultados

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Irigaray, Hélio Arthur
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The present work discusses a new organizational model for the Criminalistics in which an integrated, harmonic and independent development along with the Police Investigation is possible. It aims at changing the current model, in which Criminalistics has only a limited and punctual presence, to a new one which allows for a parallelism between Criminalistics and Police Investigation. The importance of using Criminalistics as an excellence tool for criminal investigation and fighting impunity in the investigation procedures is also emphasized. The first section presents the main topic, objectives, discussed areas and relevance. Next, a research of previous works related to the topic is presented, including an exposition of the fundamental concepts of Criminalistics and its connections to the Criminal Justice System, aimed at showing its potential in the criminal investigation. The utilized research methodology is then presented, followed by a discussion of the analysis of the criminal investigation procedures and criminalistics, in which the underlying problems are sought for and proposals are made for improving the organizational model. Cases related to the various areas of criminal knowledge are also presented, and the relevance of applying the proposed model highlighted. Finally, this work aims at demonstrating that the implementation of an organizational model in which parallelism, integration and independence are present in the field investigation and criminalistics processes will allow for an optimal development of the criminal investigation and thus the best result, contributing for a greater efficiency of the persecution and criminal justice

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