O efeito da distribuição sobre o market share em diferentes canais

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Despite the advances in studies on the effects of distribution channel strategies, the relation between distribution and market share is still a little explored topic, especially in emerging markets. For that reason, this paper's core proposal is to investigate the relation between distribution and market share variables in the Brazilian market, specifically in the beverage sector, comparing two important types of consumer market channels: big and small supermarkets. For such, an empirical study was conducted based on a database with more than 180 stock keeping units (SKUs) sold by three manufacturers in the southeast of Brazil. By means of statistical analyses, the results indicate a convex and growing relation among the variables studied. In other words, there is an inflection point at which market share growth is more accentuated because of distribution. Furthermore, the curves that describe these variables show different effects when comparing big and small supermarkets.

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