Os professores públicos são mal remunerados nas escolas brasileiras? Uma análise da atratividade da carreira do magistério sob o aspecto da remuneração

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Marconi, Nelson
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There is a generalized perception that brazilian public teachers are underpaid. Given the teachers’ significance in the educational process and the importance of wages as an incentive to recruit, retain and improve the performance of teachers, this study intends to evaluate the attractiveness of teachers’ wages in public schools of primary education. In order to accomplish that, the Oaxaca’s (1973) technique were applied to PNAD’s (National Household Sample Survey) data from 1995 to 2006 to estimate the gaps between public teacher wages and what they would receive if they worked in one of the comparison groups: other jobs in the public sector, teaching in private sector and other jobs in the private sector. The study finds out that public teacher wages attractiveness varies according with the group of public teachers compared. One of the main findings is that teachers with only a secondary degree have attractive wages comparing to person in other jobs, while the ones with a college degree – exactly who should be attracted – would receive much better wages in alternative jobs. Besides, men could receive much better wages in lternative jobs than women, so public teacher wages are much more attractive to women. Finally, there are evidences that wages are more attractive for teachers in the beginning of the career, but less attractive for the ones in the end of the career. This way, it is possible to say that all the findings in the segmented analysis of public teacher wages allow the teacher wage policies discussion to go beyond simple proposes of uniform raises for all the teachers.

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