A Influência do constrangimento do consumidor no processo de compra

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Embarrassment is an emotion that emerges during various purchase and consumption situations. There is a lack of studies comprehensively addressing how consumers behave when they are embarrassed. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to map how consumers behave during purchase process situations that cause embarrassment. To do so, drugstores were selected since they are places where a number of products that can cause embarrassment, such as condoms, pregnancy tests, and day-after pills, can be purchased. In-depth interviews with 30 drugstore sales representatives and 26 consumers were conducted using an empiric investigation strategy. Content analysis resulted in the creation of a conceptual framework and some theoretical propositions. According to the framework, consumers, when feeling embarrassed, decide whether to abandon the purchase (by giving up or asking someone else to make the purchase) or if they face the situation, remain confident, and develop strategies to deal with the situation and finish it as soon as possible. The framework details consumers' actions.

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