Valores, suporte psicossocial e impacto do treinamento no trabalho

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The purpose of this work was to investigate individual values and perceptions of the organizational support to training's transfer as predictors of the impact in work training. Seventy nine university graduated degree professionals, working at a hospital specialized in orthopedics' rehabilitation plus eighty five professionals, working for an state government institution, connected to the national financial system, constituted the sample of this research. All of them had finished the training event which was evaluated in this paper approximately three months ago. While at work they responded to the questionnaire, which had scales previously validated. Multiple regression hierarchical analyses were made. The data shows psychosocial support and the motivational type conservationism\collectivism as an important predictor of the impact of the training at work (R² = 0.35; p < 0.001). It also suggests that people who value conservationism, i.e., that look for respect, compromise, safety, harmony and welcoming of culture habits and ideas got more from the impact of the knowledge and abilities acquired from their professional activities. The interaction between individual values and organizational support transfer had poor significance. Nonetheless, the confirmation of these data suggests that further studies should be undertaken by expanding the sample and diversifying the institutions studied.

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