Automação industrial e cultura técnica: o caso do petróleo brasileiro S/A - PETROBRÁS

Tenório, Fernando Guilherme
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PETROBRAS, known transformations in trade ambient during the years 1990, incite it to improve new oportunities in oil sector. And then, its endeavor resulted in 1992/2001 PETROBRAS System Strategic Plano This Plan define decennary objectives and strategies. Inside Strategic Plan are company automation question, considered very important for its results. Automation Strategic Plan is one of the 14 Strategic Projects Plano Workers performing will influence the enterprise way to modernit, in a renew business ambient for microeletronic technology. One of the variables that will allow PETROBRAS effectivity is its techinic culture, that is to say, the whole of the knowledges that company techinic agents utilize in decision process, and upon internationaI technologic paradigms, internaI enterprise rules and brazilian society characteristics. To investigate Automation Strategic Plan is the focus of this current dissertation.

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