A atitude frente a impunidade do menor infrator: um estudo comparativo

Sigelmann, Élida
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The aim of this work was a comparative study of attitudes concerning the penal impunity of the underaged law-breaker, in face of an ever-growing juvenile deliquency and the possibility of inflicting heavier penalty to these underaged criminals, with the justification that this measure will help improve the social responsability of young people. This work comprised two parts. In the first part, the phenomenon of criminality was analysed, emphasizing the illegality of 'young people'. The social, economic and cultural conditionings were discussed with reference to empiric studies about the subject. At the some time, a study of attitudes was put forward based on Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann's theory about the Sociology of the KnowIedge. The statistic hypotheses were tested through the ana-lysis of variance (inside the group as a whole) and the qui-square test (with the people already arranged in humanistics and rion-humanistics groups), both with the signifying level fixed in 0,05. The output of the analysis of variance have demonstrated that there are no significant differences in attitude as to sex, age and schooling level. A significant relationship was found between profession and the researched attitude. Through the qui-square test, significant differences were made clear between humanistics and non-humanistics,only in relation to schooling level.

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