Contratos flexíveis de trabalho: diferentes perfis de trabalhadores qualificados brasileiros

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss how professionals who have gone through traditional work relationships organize themselves in the new labor reality of flexible contracts experiment, considered in this research as contracts that are not governed by the Brazilian Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). Through interviews with 43 well-qualified workers, we built a typology consisting of nine profiles with specific characteristics, namely: the PJ, the Parachutist, the Indif ferent, the Pragmatist, the Independent, the Autonomous, the Businessman, the Resentful, and the CLT. The results showed that the construction of profiles allowed to understand how skilled professionals face the new reality of work and concluded, in this case, that flexible work is not a synonymous of job insecurity, because it does not entail neces sarily losses from professional or personal perspectives for the individual that choses to execute this kind of contract.

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