Aborto e Congresso Nacional: uma análise crítica do cenário legislativo

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Usually, when the abortion issue is raised in any debate, its criminalization (or not) becomes the main point of discussion. However, there are issues that go beyond the criminal aspect, such as family planning and abortion intervention, information and prevention public policies of abortion. In order to understand how the House of Representatives and the Senate address this problem, there was an empirical analysis of the bills on abortion. After the data analysis and systematization, it was allowed to see that the Congress has some important guidelines on abortion: (i) is an issue with recent discussion; (ii) the main focus of the debate is the criminal aspect of abortion (legalization or criminalization); (iii) the projects are carried over and deliberated mainly on commissions and not in plenary; and (iv) there is a tendency to maintain the current status quo of abortion and only twenty-five (25) bills of one percent of the total, twenty-nine (129), address specific public policies for women. It was found that only one project was transformed into ordinary law and even then, intending to remove a specific expression of Article 20 of the Criminal Misdemeanor Law

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