Relações entre a escolarização do adolescente e a antecipação do desempenho de um papel social

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The achievement of an adolescent’s psychosocial identity is influenced by identifications developed within the family. Along the schooling process, the adolescent experiences success and failure. Such experiences are given a special meaning, according to social ideals that are reproduced at school. The assimilation of these ideals, as values, can be perceived in the social representations of success or failure at school. The spreading of a certain ideological order acts as a background for self-identity. This is the framework within which the choice of a future role, translated by the desired profession, will be done. Statistical analysis of data, collected by a survey that held such assumptions, led to the conclusion that family and school select each other, and make an agreement that is honored by common social values, in search of a social role for the coming generations.

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