A formação do administrador e o papel da empresa júnior: caso FGV/EAESP

Freitas, Maria Ester de
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Companies entered into a competitive and dynamic context seek, through various forms and strategies, stand out over the others. Unlike as it was understood, the working environment considers that the employee does not merely to receive and execute instructions. Today, this professional is valued for their skills and, even more, the way he mobilizes them. In this context, this study aimed to analyze the students' perception of FGV-EAESP about how differentiated formation, through the work of junior company, contributes to the development of professional skills of majoring in business administration. It was used as the theoretical literature on learning and competency. Methodologically, the research has a qualitative and interpretative approach. Data collection was performed through interviews, semi-structured way, with thirty-one respondents, composed of students and graduates of the education institution. For data analysis, we used the content analysis technique, generating fourteen intermediate categories and final five categories. As a result, they identified, objectively, how is learning and developing professional competencies within the context of learning provided by EJ and which ones are relevant to performance in the labor market.

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