Cadeia de custódia da prova pericial

Zouain, Deborah Moraes
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The aim of this exploratory and applied study is justify the necessity of a program implantation known as chain of custody in the Criminal Laboratory Institute of Scientific and Technique Police of Rondônia’s State, in order to follow the changes that happened due to technological progress. Those changes cause the necessity of improve the quality of evidence in judicial process. The result obtained with the interviews show the lack of observation of professionals from organizations responsible to guarantee the authenticity and fitness of evidence in judicial. And what process due to the lack of a culture to a faithful compliance of chain of custody. Thereby, in this program can not miss a culture development related with chain of custody compliance because that is the element that has the power to transform and form consciences to the importance of a chain of custody to create an evidence with quality as well as show how to act in face of technological changes.

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