Preços de imóveis residenciais novos no Rio de Janeiro: estimação através da metodologia de preços hedônicos

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Costa, Carlos Eugênio da
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The purpose of this work is to understand, in city of Rio de Janeiro, which characteristics are important in the market of new residential properties. The hedonic price model was used, as it analyses the good by a collection of attributes for which the buyer has preferences. Various items related to the property and to the condominium, as well as localization aspects, were analyzed. As part of the methodology, the econometrics calculation was used to understand how, and in which proportion, the model variables are related to the final price of the house. The results demonstrate that the most important attributes for the housing market equilibrium in Rio de Janeiro are: the neighborhood where the property is located, size, number of bedrooms, the differentiation between being an apartment or house and the number of houses in the same condominium.

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