Impacto da servitização no modelo de negócio de empresas manufatureiras: o caso Scania

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Di Serio, Luiz Carlos
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Many manufacturing companies search for increasing the participation of services in their business. This strategy is known as servitization and it means an increased offer of combined bundles of products and services with increased customer focus. However, the servitization represents a major business challenge for those companies, whose traditional business models focus on developing, producing and marketing products.This research investigates how a manufacturing company changes its business model to increase its servitization. It also analyses the motivations for a company to do so and which challenges it faces when doing it. Considering these goals, a case study of a heavy truck manufacturer with global operations and strong position in Brazil has been performed. Interviews were conducted with 8 senior executives for Sales, Services, Marketing and Production in Latin America and Brazil. The interviews were combined with the analysis of documents from 1996 to 2011. The business model concept was used as the basic unit of analysis as this concept explains how a company creates, delivers and captures value. The results show that the company´s business model is in transition from its traditional product focus to more customer centrality. The company’s value proposition now puts more emphasis on the performance of bundles of products and services in the customer´s operations instead of the traditional focus on the product quality. The company has also created new organizations, processes and metrics with customer focus and new revenue models, based on risk contracts and performance selling. The results show that the company has strategic, financial and marketing motivations for its servitization. They also point out that aligning the companies’ areas and its partners’ network for an increased focus on customers and services, instead of the traditional focus on products, still represents a major business challenge.

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