Planejamento estratégico na gestão de recursos humanos nas empresas públicas: uma avaliação da sua adoção e principais desafios encontrados nas empresas estatais federais

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Motta, Paulo Roberto
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This work aimed to raise the main challenges in the adoption of strategic planning in the management of human resources of public enterprises. Therefore, semi-structured interviews were conducted with human resource managers of federal enterprises located in Rio de Janeiro. The challenges and difficulties that the companies found were faced with the challenges identified in the literature and the conclusion was that companies are still in the traditional HR stage, while literature indicates that HR must be a strategic business partner. Finally, we recommended actions that human resources should take to overcome the challenges in order to become a strategic partner. It is expected that this research contribute to advance the debate on strategic planning in human resource management in the public sector. In addition, it is expected to contribute to the practice of companies, serving as a possible reference for public companies that are still in the early stages of adopting strategic planning in HR.

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