Descrição da vida escolar em romances brasileiros

DaMatta, Roberto
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Described in the following Brazilian noveIs: O Ateneu, written by Raul Pompéiai DOidinho, by Lins do Rego i Balão Cativo and chão de Ferro, by Navai and 'A Rede, by Martha Antiero, life in José Pedro boarding schools is interpreted in a search of social relations described in the narr~tives. The retaining structural elements of school life economical search of is ma de by correlaction and opposition from selected passages, where the characters will act as 'informants' and philosophical and social theories about Education will act as integration and criticism. Based on the assertion that the educational system is essentially founded in a relation of subordinationj domination between the preceeding and succeeding generations at moments of pedagogical comunication, the school system was analised in two distinguishedsubsystems, according to the situation of dominant andjor subordinated elements. These two 'worlds' were called: 'STUDENT GROUP' and 'PEDAGOGICAL STAFF'. Taking for granted that the school is a subsystem of a gr~ater system, the society, it was established as an introduction to each chapter an outline about the social influence in school, where the student is cut away from home life in order to be prepared for the social domain of the street.

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