Produção científica em Administração de empresas: provocações, insinuações e contribuições para um debate local

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This article approaches the issue of quality in scientific research within the management field in Brazil. More specifically, it deals with the criteria used in the country to review research presented in scientific conferences or published in journals. At first we discuss the recent quantitative growth of research in the Brazilian management realm, as well as the limitations of such research in terms of quality. Afterwards, we report an empirical investigation, conducted among Brazilian scientific outlets, senior scholars and referees in the field. Such investigation was focused on the utilization of research assessment criteria, and revealed significant diversity in terms of which criteria were used and in terms of the meaning they were given. As a response to such situation, we suggest an Assessment Criteria Model, which could be used to review scientific management research in Brazil. Such model is designed to be generic and adaptable to different contexts and objectives. It is our belief that, to strengthen the field of management research in Brazil, clear and well defined criteria need to be better established. We also believe that the moment has come - after the recent quantitative growth - for us to deeply examine the quality of Brazilian scientific research within the management domain.

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